Thursday , 20 July 2017
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Story Done by; Mochama Hezron “Sometimes it’s good for us young generations to help each other in kisii ..we have political dreams but choose wrong godfathers,, look,this goes to my friend brother Anthony Kibagendi,, Raila is an old donkey, hata utumie tiptop you won’t milk it even a quarter a glass,,If William Ruto ,alilisha hii punda ikiwa haijazeeka kama sahii,akainunulia …

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Leave alone the song: Willy Paul wedded Alaine

After controversial Willy Paul hitting the media with photos of him wedding with Alaine,he finally releases their song collabo; I DO. Literally in the video clip, Willy Paul got into a wedding with Alaine and they publicly declared, Yes I DO. Download the official Video: I Do Share on: WhatsApp

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The Bahamas Palace of Kenyenya-The Crown Royal Resort

THE CROWN ROYAL RESORT. VISION. To provide quality services that truly exceeds expectations of our clients. Core Values. We believe in treating customers with respect, we like creativity invention and innovation. We really intergrate honesty and business ethics. Goal. We look forward in expansion. With proper management and develop a strong base of key customers. We look forward to build …

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Waste your money with Fiti foundation

EVERYBODY HAS HIS/HER WAY OF WASTING MONEY!!! Some of us waste money in buying and maintaining expensive liabilities and assets like cars and residential spaces… While some of us will avoid buying these liabilities or assets but we end up wasting money on instant gratification-related activities such as clubbing… Then still there are some of us who will avoid expensive …

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