Sunday , 21 January 2018


Story Done by;
Mochama Hezron

“Sometimes it’s good for us young generations to help each other in kisii ..we have political dreams but choose wrong godfathers,, look,this goes to my friend brother Anthony Kibagendi,, Raila is an old donkey, hata utumie tiptop you won’t milk it even a quarter a glass,,If William Ruto ,alilisha hii punda ikiwa haijazeeka kama sahii,akainunulia kila aina ya chakula lakini at the end ikampiga teke hakukamua hata glass moja,,what about you now,,remember you worshipped Raila before nominations,, we told you my friend kuja hata chama yetu,ODM iko na wenyewe,but you said you gonna fight to the end.ikafika nomination hii punda mzee ikakupiga teke,,ukaenda hospitali ukatibiwa umepona ,tena umerudi unataka kukamua hii punda,,my friend what do you expect again,,,,the last thing you are waiting for ,hii punda sababu imekaa mzee sana itakuuma mkufe nayo kisiasa,,I tell you the truth,,the old donkey wants to bite with you stick on you and die with you politically,,you are young like me ,you have political dreams like me,but you will cease from the map of gusii politics if you continue thinking that you can milk this old and tired Raila Odinga,,,,tukutane 2022 my sorry for lecturing you publicly ,but I don’t regret because I care for you as my fellow youth,whom I expect to shine in gusii politics,,,but associating yourself with this MAN from bondo,,waah,,nwei I support all gusii youths aspirants and wish them well.”

This is a genuine brotherly advice from Mr. Mochama Hezbon to Kibagendi Anthony, the young energetic politicians who has been on the ballot since 2007 where he was position five coming in as an amateur then scooping the second runners up position in the 2013 general election and 2017 was the long awaited big win but as the king of Opposition is busy and tiressless trying to kill young political infanta from Gusii region, Kibagendi joined the Raila list of Gusii killed political infants.
With him is the current candidate for the Kisii senatorial seat Mr. Omingo Magara who would be by now the Gusii political kingpin until Raila did his thing by barking in great undevelopers who among them is the current Kisii senator Hon. Christopher Obure whom Raila helped to rig out Magara in the 2013 general election.



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