Sunday , 21 January 2018
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Waste your money with Fiti foundation

Some of us waste money in buying and maintaining expensive liabilities and assets like cars and residential spaces…
While some of us will avoid buying these liabilities or assets but we end up wasting money on instant gratification-related activities such as clubbing…
Then still there are some of us who will avoid expensive gadgets and indulging in luxuries but waste money on their desires such as helping 100 needy kids and attending numerous fundraisings…
What you classify as a waste might not be for another person.
Let’s get out and waste our money with Fifi Foundation.

What’s Fiti Foundation?

The fiti foundation is a non profit Organization reaching out to children to make a positive impact on their lives. It’s founded on the basis that we are humankind therefore we ought to be kind.

Objective:To see children lives change for the better because of your kindness.

Focus on the tag
Saturday 25th Feb we set to undertake our 3rd visit.
Visiting a Children’s home in Nakuru.
with population of 30kids age 3Yrs-15Yrs. Mixed gender.
Any donation would be highly appreciated.

Cash contribution
Paybill : 891300
Account : 10185

Photos will be shared on our blog.

For updates please join our team.



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